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USAFIS’s mission is to help people get their Green Card Lottery applications accepted so immigrants and their families can enjoy a better life in America. Moving to the United States is a dream for many immigrants, and they think it’s impossible. That’s the goal of USAFIS – to help make their dreams come true by providing support during the entire Green Card Lottery process.

005-targetUSAFIS’s Purpose

USAFIS understands the problems that candidates face when applying for the Green Card Lottery. Through their 15 years of serving immigrants, they know how to help them fill out their applications in the correct way. Due to language barriers and lack of understanding, many people put the wrong information on their Green Card Lottery application, not realizing that their errors will automatically disqualify them. USAFIS guarantees that applicants who are qualified will be a part of the Green Card Lottery entry.

003-cancelErrors on Applications

Many Green Card Lottery applications are rejected because of errors on the application. There are certain requirements provided by the United States government for those wanting to participate in the Green Card Lottery. Applications with errors are disqualified automatically. At USAFIS, we offer help to applicants so they can avoid these mistakes and be included in the Green Card Lottery without fear of rejection.

Common Application Errors004-warning

Some of the most common errors that are made on Green Card Lottery Applications include the following:

  • Not filling in all required fields on the application
  • Unmet job and educational requirements
  • Unacceptable photos
  • Applicants missed the deadline
  • Incorrect country was listed on the application
  • Required E-DV form was not used

002-questionUSAFIS – How They Help

USAFIS helps Green Card Lottery applicants in the following ways:

  • Check applications for errors
  • Use E-DV format to process the applications
  • 24/7 customer service provided in the native language of the applicants
  • Notify applicants when selected into the program
  • U.S. government guidelines will be following for photos
  • Quick and easy application process

001-passportGreen Card Lottery Process

  1. Registration – eligibility
  2. Application – must be accurate to be accepted
  3. Photo – certain specifications are required
  4. Submission – will be reviewed by USAFIS for any errors
  5. Selection – you will be informed by USAFIS agents if you have been selected

The Green Lottery Card application process can be complicated for immigrants. That is why USAFIS has been helping Green Card Lottery applicants for over fifteen years, and they have become the #1 provider in the world. It is the desire of USAFIS to help every Green Card Lottery applicant experience an easy Green Card Lottery process.

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