Who Can Benefit from a Green Card?

USAFIS clients who receive a Green Card enjoy a variety of great benefits. The Green Card is proof that a foreign national is a permanent resident of the United States and is authorized to live, study or work in the USA long-term.

Usafis green cardIt also serves as an official form of identification in the United States and can be useful when opening a bank account, obtaining a Social Security Number, applying for jobs in the USA, etc. Many clients of the USAFIS Organization have been granted a Green Card after winning the Green Card Lottery and successfully completing the US Consular Interview procedure.

With a Green Card, USAFIS clients can live in America and enjoy the many freedoms that are guaranteed in the USA by the rule of law. For those who want to work in the USA, a Green Card gives them authorization. Not only can Green Card holders legally apply for jobs in the USA and work in America, but they can even open their own businesses.

US permanent residents are entitled to receive Social Security benefits, Medicare or Supplemental Security Income if they meet the criteria. Another Green Card benefit is the privilege to own property in the United States.

Furthermore, Green Card holders enjoy the right for their children to receive free public primary and secondary education. A Green Card also provides access to many excellent post-secondary educational opportunities in America at universities, community colleges and vocational schools. With a Green Card, an immigrant can live in America in any of the 50 states, plus have the option to apply for a driver’s license.


Permanent residents of the United States are also permitted to travel from and return to the USA according to certain regulations. Today, many USAFIS clients live in America and are enjoying the numerous benefits a Green Card offers.

Finally, one of the most important benefits Green Card holders have is the right to apply for US citizenship after they live in America at least five years and meet other criteria.

USAFIS is proud of the fact that it has helped thousands of clients to have the chance to live and work in America and become citizens of the United States.

So, who can benefit from a Green Card? Everyone! Let the experts at USAFIS help you and your family have the opportunity to receive all of the benefits a Green Card can provide!

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