Here Are 4 Cities That Are Great Places to Live in America

It is not an easy task ranking the best places to live in America. Any list that is generated is going to cause a debate over who was overrated and which city was snubbed. By comparing several rankings of cities, it gives a better idea of which ones consistently receive high marks. Using several popular rankings of the top US places to live, Business Insider included US News and World Report, 24/7 Wall Street, Money, Niche, Livability, and SmartAsset. The various groups used similar metrics which include the cost of living, availability of jobs, quality of life, education rates and safety. If relocating to the US is in your future, contact USAFIS for all immigration information. They will help you every step through the Green Card Lottery Application process.

The live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas, earned a top spot in all of the rankings. It is the eleventh largest city in the US and the capital of Texas. Raleigh, North Carolina, another top city, is also the capital of its state. Ann Arbor, Michigan was named the best US city to live in by both Livability and Niche. It is located 45 miles west of Detroit and 35 miles north of the Ohio border. Denver, Colorado, the city with urban sophistication that meets outdoor adventure, appeared on all lists for the best place to live in America. It is known as an outdoor city with world-class cultural attractions. There is much to do when living in the US. USAFIS can help you and your family by supporting you through the process of applying for the Green Card Lottery.