Workers from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to Get US Visas

President Joe Biden and his administration will set aside 6,000 seasonal guest worker US visas for workers from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador in the coming months. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) calls this a small step toward opening more legal pathways to the US from that region of the world. The 6,000-visa plan […]

Looking for Work in the USA? Ten Million US Jobs Are Available!


The global pandemic has brought with it some strange things and the labor market in the USA is one of them. The US reached a record 10.1 million jobs openings, as companies struggled to find enough workers to support the economy as it reopened. The defining characteristic of the recovery has been the difference between […]

America’s 50 States Ranked for Business Competitiveness


America’s Top States for Business report has been released by CNBC’s 2021 competitiveness rankings after missing 2020 due to the global pandemic. Virginia took the #1 spot for the fifth time since the beginning of the study in 2007, which is more than any other state. Virginia is also the first state to post back-to-back […]

Qualified Professionals Needed for STEM Jobs in America


Recent enrollment in STEM programs across US universities has declined due to the global pandemic, slowing the pipeline between jobs and graduates. Most foreign students rode the pandemic out in their home country, but recent graduates who took STEM jobs are showing increased availability and higher salaries. The leader of the National STEM Honor Society, […]

Entrepreneurs Take Note – The Best US States for Business!

Social reckoning and the global pandemic have changed the United States of America in countless ways. But even with all of the changes, one thing has remained: Virginia is the top state for business. The state received its fifth win since the beginning of the study in 2007 and the first-ever to win back-to-back golds. […]

A Magical Infographic about Butterflies in America


Butterflies are interesting, beautiful and precious creatures, They are very much associated with the culture and wildlife of the United States. There are hundreds of butterfly research centers in the United States, and thousands of amateures upload pictures of them to the Internet on dedicated sites. Moreover – the Native Americans considered the butterfly very […]

Economy Added 850,000 Jobs in the USA During June 2021


The June jobs numbers were mentioned by President Joe Biden, saying the robust growth is a sign of success for his American Rescue Plan relief bill and his administration’s vaccination campaigns. He said they are proving the naysayers and doubters wrong, as the numbers show. He proudly stated more US jobs and better wages are […]

President Biden Hosts US Citizenship Ceremony at White House


The US Citizenship and Immigration Services announced it held 170 naturalization ceremonies during the first week in July. One of the ceremonies was held at The White House a few days before Independence Day, where 21 people were welcomed as new US citizens. US Citizenship and Immigration Services director, Tracy Renaud, performed the swearing-in ceremony. […]

Nigerian Immigrants in US Proud of Their Chess Master Son


A young Nigerian refugee who started a new life in the United States has seen success, as many newcomers have. Tani Adewumi started playing chess four years ago, not realizing what a transformational move it was and how it would change his family’s life forever. At just ten years of age, Tani took the title […]