Wages for People Working in America Soar to 20-Year High

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Recent wage increases have set a record dating back over twenty years. The ability of workers to demand higher pay is apparent with the increases. Companies in the US are desperate to fill the record number of job openings. Wages increased 1.5 percent in the third quarter of 2021, according to the US Labor Department. […]

US Worker Wages Haven’t Increased This Much in 20 Years


Wages in the United States are rising much faster after the global pandemic recession than the recovery from the 2008-2009 Great Recession. The government stimulus provided during and after the pandemic included the $2 trillion support package signed by President Donald Trump and the additional 1.9 trillion approved by President Joe Biden. Both packages enhanced […]

The Wonders of California- Infographic


California is one of the most visited states in the US. The great weather, diverse culture, healthy food and wonderful nature make California a unique experience. It is said that there is no sun in the world like the Californian sun, which is why it is called the “Golden State”. California has amazing wildlife: Bears, […]

Booming Jobs in America with a Bright Future


The global pandemic has caused a reshuffle as millions of Americans are searching for new careers. A new report using 2020-2030 employment projections along with wage data shows the high-paying positions that are expected to see growth in the coming years. The top position for growth and annual income is a software developer and software […]

Interesting Data on USA Economy


We all know that The United States is a strong economic power. But as the years go by — from the Industrial Revolution, which was in some ways also a financial revolution — the world of economics has become more complicated for most of the “ordinary” people who do not work in this field. In […]

Workers from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to Get US Visas

President Joe Biden and his administration will set aside 6,000 seasonal guest worker US visas for workers from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador in the coming months. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) calls this a small step toward opening more legal pathways to the US from that region of the world. The 6,000-visa plan […]

Looking for Work in the USA? Ten Million US Jobs Are Available!


The global pandemic has brought with it some strange things and the labor market in the USA is one of them. The US reached a record 10.1 million jobs openings, as companies struggled to find enough workers to support the economy as it reopened. The defining characteristic of the recovery has been the difference between […]

America’s 50 States Ranked for Business Competitiveness


America’s Top States for Business report has been released by CNBC’s 2021 competitiveness rankings after missing 2020 due to the global pandemic. Virginia took the #1 spot for the fifth time since the beginning of the study in 2007, which is more than any other state. Virginia is also the first state to post back-to-back […]

Qualified Professionals Needed for STEM Jobs in America


Recent enrollment in STEM programs across US universities has declined due to the global pandemic, slowing the pipeline between jobs and graduates. Most foreign students rode the pandemic out in their home country, but recent graduates who took STEM jobs are showing increased availability and higher salaries. The leader of the National STEM Honor Society, […]