Average of 207,000 US Jobs Created Each Month During 2018

There has been an average of 207,000 jobs created each month in the United States during 2018. There is one job for each of the 6.2 million people unemployed in August. Job vacancies increased by 117,000, bringing the adjusted figure to 6.9 million in July. The all-time high 4.4 percent was unchanged from the previous month. The strength and confidence in the labor market could soon edge toward wage growth. If you are considering relocating for a job opportunity, there are plenty available in the U.S. USAFIS can help you and your family with the Green Card Lottery process. It can be complicated for immigrants, and they want every applicant to have a good experience. Contact them right away.

U.S. job openings at small companies reached a 45-year high in August. A record number of the businesses said they could not find skilled workers to fill all their open positions. The lack of qualified workers was mostly in the construction, wholesale trade, and manufacturing sectors. Dante DeAntonio, a Moody’s Analytics economist, said, “…the increasing tightness in the labor market is spurring more workers to re-enter the workforce as well as leave their jobs in search of better opportunities.” There were 46,000 vacancies in the finance and insurance field in July, and 32,000 in nondurable goods manufacturing. The manufacturing industry overall rose from 3.6 percent in June to 3.8 percent in July. With the thousands of U.S. job opportunities available, this is the time to move to the United States. For help with the Green Card Lottery process, contact USAFIS. They can help you fill out the application without errors to guarantee your participation in the lottery.