Booming Jobs in America with a Bright Future

The global pandemic has caused a reshuffle as millions of Americans are searching for new careers. A new report using 2020-2030 employment projections along with wage data shows the high-paying positions that are expected to see growth in the coming years. The top position for growth and annual income is a software developer and software quality assurance analyst and tester. There are projected to be close to 410,000 new jobs in the coming ten years with a median annual income of $110,140. A bachelor’s degree is required for these positions. If you are considering relocating to the US for a good job opportunity, contact USAFIS. The team of immigration specialists will walk you through the stages of immigration.

High Paying New Jobs in the Next 10 Years
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General and operations managers ranked as the number two position with 226,300 new jobs being created before 2030. With a bachelor’s degree, the job’s annual salary is $103,650. Registered nurses will see a growth spurt into 2030, with a predicted 276,800 new jobs. The median earnings for an RN is $75,330. Financial managers bring home $134,180 per year on average and there are projected to be 118,200 new jobs between 2020 and 2030.

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