The Best Cities to Find High-Tech Jobs in the USA

ZipRecruiter, a database with over 8 million job listings, has released data showing the top 20 cities in the U.S. to find high-tech jobs.

These cities are:

Chicago, Illinois; Seattle, Washington; Providence, Rhode Island; Tampa, Florida; Detroit, Michigan; Denver, Colorado; Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Cleveland, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; Baltimore, Maryland; Jacksonville, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; Salt Lake City, Utah; Orlando, Florida; Kansas City, Missouri; Albany, New York; Phoenix, Arizona; Thousand Oaks, California; and Huntsville, Alabama. A report by Time Magazine showed that many technology professionals from the Silicon Valley are leaving due to the extravagant cost of living and the declining job market.

USAFIS reports that many foreign nationals are moving to the United States to find new jobs.