USAFIS: Top States to Work in America

WalletHub, a finance website, recently ranked the top 15 states for the best places to find work. Rankings were based on factors that include the percentage of employees with health insurance, median annual income based on cost of living, and unemployment rate.

Each state was also given an employment outlook depending on the increase and decrease of the size of its workforce. USAFIS is a privately owned company that is aware of the situations that many foreign nationals encounter when going through the immigration process and they want to help.

The first state to rank is Washington. The median salary is $57,014 with an unemployment rate of 5.4%. Of all employees, 81.3% have health insurance and the state was given an employment outlook of five.

Colorado ranked second with a median salary of $59,382. The unemployment rate is 5.1% and 79.4% of employees have health insurance; 16 was the employment outlook.

The third-ranked state is New Hampshire. With a 2.8% unemployment rate and a median salary of $56,023, the unemployment outlook given is a 31. Eighty-five percent of employees have health insurance.

Next, ranked 4th is South Dakota with a median salary of $49,569 and a 2.8% unemployment rate. For employees, 83.5% have health insurance and the employment outlook for this state is 24. The team at USAFIS works hard to help immigrants and their families find a new life in the United States.

New Jersey, ranked fifth, has a median salary of $59,581 and an employment outlook of 34. Employees with health insurance stand at 81.1%, and there is a 5% unemployment rate.

Minnesota, Massachusetts, California, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, and Vermont rank 6th-12th on the best states for finding work. Utah, coming in at thirteenth place, has a median salary of $65,439, a 3.4% unemployment rate, 81.8% of employees have health insurance and the outlook for the state is a two.

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