USAFIS is a Legit Immigration Service, Not a Fake Company

When applying for immigration to the U.S. through the Diversity Visa (DV) Program, it is vital that you are very careful not to get involved with a firm that is fake. USAFIS has been working for over fifteen years to help people with their applications for the Green Card Lottery, and unlike a firm that is a scam, USAFIS provides excellent customer service to their clients.

usafis logoUnfortunately, we have seen many people overtaken by working with an immigration company that is not real, but fake. USAFIS helps around 250,000 people prepare their paperwork each year to apply for the Green Card Lottery.

In addition, USAFIS provides a unique confirmation number that is provided by the U.S. State Department after successful submission of the DV-Lottery application.

Also, in contrast to a service that is illegal and fake, USAFIS promises 100% participation in the Green Card Lottery. Those working with a scam company will never know if their information has been submitted or if anyone is working for them.

Scam firms typically take peoples’ money and run so they can’t get caught. In operation since 2001 and with over 44,000 clients selected as DV-Lottery winners, you can trust USAFIS.

Fake companies have no history of past successes or testimonials from those who have happily moved to the United States like those who have been helped by USAFIS.

When you’re going through the immigration process, you need updates so you will know the status of your application. Unlike firms that are scam, USAFIS will always keep you updated.

Those who win the DV-Lottery are contacted immediately, and during the process, our clients will receive updates, including information about changes in the official policies. Our customer service representatives stand by to answer your questions.

USAFIS helps you with application

Finally, unlike a company that is fake, USAFIS will take payments from reputable credit card companies such as MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and more. You will always get a receipt from USAFIS. Fake companies can’t provide these types of services.

It’s obvious that USAFIS is nothing like these scam companies. With excellent customer service, years of success, multiple payment options, and thousands of satisfied clients, you know you can trust USAFIS.

Scam firms can’t be trusted, but with USAFIS, you can get the help you need for safe, effective immigration services.

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About Usafis

While living in the US seems impossible to many, USAFIS’s goal is to help make your dreams come true by supporting you throughout the Green Card Lottery application process.

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