Freelancers with College Degree Say Having Skills More Useful for US Jobs

The fastest-growing sector of the workforce is freelancing. Freelancers realize more than others that education is a lifelong process. They are nearly twice as likely to reskill than those with a four-year degree. A leader of a tech company and former head of engineering said he has hired several programmers over the course of his career.

Skills are More Important Than a Degree

What matters the most to him is how well the worker can think and code, not if they have a computer science degree. Additionally, Upwork’s latest Skills Index shows the top 20 fastest growing skills do not require a degree.

Google, in the past, asked those applying for a job to provide their college GPA and transcripts. Now, the head of hiring, Laszlo Bock, says those metrics aren’t valuable predictors of the applicant’s performance. He says because of the changes, the portion of non-degreed employees at Google has grown.

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