The US Heartland Is Enjoying Strong Economic Growth

The co-author of the report by The Brookings Institution, Mark Muro, mentioned the median wage in the Heartland is higher than the rest of the country when adjusting the cost of living and housing.

The dollar reaching further is an attraction to the area when housing prices are out of control in other regions. Although the Heartland’s output growth isn’t as fast as other places, it produced an impressive $4.9 trillion in services and goods in 2016. The largest state-level economies in the region are found in Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio.

The Heartland is actually doing much better than many people realize. The main goal is to attract more skilled workers for the workforce to ensure the future success of the region’s economy. North Dakota has the area’s highest annual job growth rate, 2.1 percent, which is just higher than the average for non-Heartland states.

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