USAFIS: How to Increase Your Credit Score in the U.S.

In the United States, your credit score is very important. When you borrow money for a car or house, you will have to pay interest on the loan, and this interest rate is largely determined by your credit score.

Only people with the highest credit scores will get the best interest rates. For example, if one borrower has a credit score of 600 and another borrower has a credit score of 700, the first borrower could end up paying thousands of more dollars than the second borrower with the higher credit score on a loan to purchase a home.

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Here are some ways to improve your credit score:

  • Only have a limited number of credit cards.
  • Don’t spend the maximum amount on your cards.
  • Don’t apply for more than three credit cards at one time.
  • Always make your credit card payments before the due date.
  • Pay more than the minimum amount due on your cards each month.

If you don’t use a credit card within six months, it might no longer be active, so it may be best to cancel it. Creditors will have more trust in you if you have a good credit history. While it takes time to increase your credit score, you will slowly start seeing an increase if you avoid the temptation to use your card. By living below your means, you will not need to use your cards to live on and to buy the things you want and need.

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