More People Living in the USA Are Starting Businesses
USAFIS: USA Startup Nation

The United States has seen more people starting businesses during the pandemic than ever before

The COVID-19 pandemic relief funds handed out by the Trump administration helped people step into the unknown and launch a startup. The sharp increase in businesses won’t completely eradicate the harm done from the lockdown, but it will be effective in helping the recovery for the long term. New business owners are more likely to be on the lookout for new employees to hire and develop.

Based on a record-high amount of “high-propensity” business applications, the rise in American entrepreneurship is unlike any place else in the world. The new entrepreneurs are staying away from dying sectors and moving to the up-and-coming ones. The information sector, including jobs like web-search portals, publishing, and data-processing, has risen over 50 percent.

Grwoth in the Information Sector
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