Immigrants Seek Better Future Through College Education
USAFIS: College Education
Universities in the United States are seeing more immigrants and children of immigrants studying for a degree

These numbers show a change in the future of America’s workforce, higher education, and the reduction of economic and racial inequality. A new report shows more than 5.3 million students enrolled in US colleges and universities and close to 30 percent are from immigrant families. There is a 20 percent increase from the 2000 numbers. 

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Of College Students are From Immigrant Families

These students mostly come from the offspring of Indians who studied in the US and stayed for job opportunities. Many immigrants from Latin Americans came for blue-collar jobs in the US and some families came as refugees, fleeing civil wars. There are opportunities for you and your family in the United States, no matter where you are coming from.

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It has been reported that college graduates earn over one million more than those with only a high school degree during their lifetime. They are proven to be more civically engaged, have better health, and overall better quality of life. 

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Miriam Feldblum, the executive director of the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, said education helps immigrant students achieve their dreams and in turn, it becomes a social and economic boost, benefiting them, their children, and the US. 

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