USAFIS: Photo Requirements for the U.S. Consular Interview

When you go for your Consular Interview, you will need two identical photos of yourself and each family member who is applying for a Diversity Immigrant Visa. Photos must meet the requirements of the U.S. government. USAFIS is an immigration service that helps foreign nationals who plan to the move to the United States through the DV-Lottery Program.

Ten Commandments of Visa Photographs

  1. Photos should be in color.
  2. Photos should be taken within the last six month, and they should portray your current appearance.
  3. Photos need to be the required size: the head should be between 1 – 1 3/8 inches (22 mm – 35 mm) or 50% – 69% of the total height of the image from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin.
  4. Photos should be taken in full-face view.
  5. All people in photos should wear everyday clothes.
  6. All people in photos should have a neutral expression on their faces with both eyes open.
  7. The background for the photos should be off-white or plain white.
  8. No uniforms are allowed for the pictures.
  9. Hearing aids, and other similar devices are allowed if they are usually worn, but eyeglasses and sunglasses are not allowed in the pictures.
  10. No head covering is allowed unless worn for religious reasons and it does not cover the hair or hairline or obscure the face.

cropped-images.pngAccording to USAFIS, “It is important to follow these standards for your photos so you can expedite the visa application process. If you are unsure, ask your customer service representative at USAFIS, and they can provide assistance.”