Ranking of the Best Cities for Single People to Live in the USA

When searching for love, each city in America has its pros and cons. WalletHub has studied over 180 cities to see which city provides the best aura for singles playing the dating game. The personal finance website looked at 34 social and economic indicators to determine the best city for singles. If you are considering relocating to the U.S., contact USAFIS for help with the visa process. They will walk you through each step of immigration so you can live and work in America as quickly as possible.

The three categories WalletHub used to determine the best city are ‘Economics,’ the cost of living, ‘Fun and Recreation,’ and ‘Dating Opportunities,’ or the size of the dating pool. The report also calculated the ratio between single women and men in each city.

Atlanta, Georgia, is the number one ranking city for singles looking for love, while Brownsville, Texas, is the worst city to be single, with low scores for fun and recreation and dating opportunities. Dating can be expensive, so the report checked out where savings could be made on items such as rent, beauty salons, and the cost of a gym membership. Larger cities obviously do better with fun and dating opportunities, but they tend to have higher rent and more expensive restaurants and bars than smaller communities. USAFIS will help you with the Green Card Lottery process. They have a team of experts who will answer any questions you may have about receiving the required visa to live and work in the U.S. Contact them today.