The Healthiest Places to Live in the USA for 2018

How healthy you are and the length of your life is shaped by where you live. Health outcomes in local areas are expressed by elements such as an area’s economic performance, the availability and affordability of housing, the strength of the education system, and several other factors that affect the residents’ overall quality of life. Understanding how such elements interact to create a sick or healthy community is one crucial step toward targeting resources where they will be best utilized. Geography is a powerful lens through which to focus reform. To live in one of the healthiest places in the USA, contact USAFIS for information about the Green Card Lottery. They can assist you in applying for the lottery and receiving the needed visa to live and work in America.

The cities on the list are ranked across ten categories with a scale of zero to 100. According to the report, the number one healthiest city is Falls Church, Virginia. They have an education score of 100 and a public safety score of 97.4. City number two is Douglas County, Colorado, with an economy score of 99.6. Infrastructure had a score of 93.5. Broomfield County, Colorado, is ranked third. With a food and nutrition score of 93, Los Alamos County, New Mexico, is ranked fourth. Fifth on the list is Dukes County, Massachusetts. The community vitality score is 91.7. USAFIS has one mission which is to help people who are applying for the Green Card Lottery. They can give you the necessary information to help you and your family move to America.