Top Cities for STEM Jobs in the USA

When considering top cities for tech jobs, we think of urban areas offering the best jobs and drawing talented young people. The most recent information gathered on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) employment, reports these jobs are moving to smaller and more affordable places. USAFIS is committed to helping make the immigration process as easy as possible.

There is a third shift in the tech sector. The first phase, during the 1950’s, was found in suburban areas, such as the Bay Area, Southern California, and Boston, which was closely tied to defense and aerospace. Now coming to a close, the second shift found growth around the Bay Area in California and Washington’s Puget Sound and surrounded social media and digital applications for business services. USAFIS has a team of experts ready to assist you in relocating to the U.S. for you to find a job opportunity in the tech field.

The third shift in the tech world, promises even greater diversity to other markets. Some of these areas have strong tech ties, but others, not so much. San Francisco and the Silicon Valley are most likely to remain the tech center. Recently though, there have been signs of the growth slowing in these areas. High housing could attribute to these statistics. To be able to purchase a median-priced house in the Silicon Valley, you would need to bring home a salary of $200,000 per year. At the current rate that millennials are saving money, it could take upwards of 28 years to be able to purchase a house in the Valley, compared with three years in Atlanta or five years in Charlotte. This is partially the reason for cities such as Grand Rapids, Charlotte, and Orlando rising in the tech world. The low housing and amenities to attract millennials will keep these places at the top of the list. With these benefits, contacting USAFIS would be a wise choice for you. They will walk you through every step of the immigration process.