Top Destinations for Immigrants Moving to America

Specific areas of the United States draw more immigrants than others, although immigration has always been a dominant part of the American experience. The US Census Bureau recently compiled its yearly population estimates for the country’s 3,100 plus counties. Included in the report is a breakdown of net international immigration, or the number of immigrants from other countries moving into a county, less the number of immigrants leaving that county for another country. America is a very welcoming country to immigrants. To be a part of it, consider contacting USAFIS for assistance in applying for the Green Card Lottery.

The majority of counties, 2,446 out of 3,142, had net positive international immigration. Miami-Dade County, Florida, has the highest per-capita population growth from US immigration. This is the most populous region in the Southern US after Washington, D.C. The largest ethnic origin in the area is Cuban followed by Nicaraguan. The population consists of 59% foreign-born residents. There are 19.2 immigrants for every one thousand people. Jefferson County, Iowa, has 340 immigrants, which is 18.7 per 1,000 residents. Hudson County, New Jersey, is the third area with the largest increase, with 11,383 net international immigration. Other regions with high immigration are Osceola County, Florida; Alexandria City, Virginia; Suffolk County, Massachusetts; Bronx County, New York; and Queens County, New York. There are so many great areas to relocate to when considering moving to the United States. USAFIS has a goal of helping immigrants move to America and have a better life.

The top destinations for immigrants are:

  1. Miami, Florida.
  2. Jefferson, Iowa.
  3. Hudson, New Jersey.
  4. Osceola, Florida.
  5. Alexandria City, Virginia.
  6. Suffolk, Massachusetts.
  7. Bronx, New York.
  8. Queens, New York.