US Wages Grew 2.7% Between July 2017 and July 2018

Analysts in the U.S. have been anticipating a change in wages as employers are having a more difficult time filling the growing number of positions for the work at hand. Earlier in 2018, the number of open jobs in America eclipsed the amount of unemployed U.S. citizens. This dynamic has held firm in recent months as there are less skilled workers than U.S. job vacancies. Positive changes in the data also indicated 59,000 job increases made to U.S. employers’ payrolls. With wages on the rise, now is the time to consider relocating to the U.S. for work. USAFIS can assist you with applying for the Green Card Lottery so living and working in the U.S. is possible.


Leading economists called the report overwhelmingly positive. There is an expectation for the labor market to continue tightening in the coming months, giving the Federal Reserve further reason to raise the interest rate. A chief economist at the PNC Financial Services Group said, “Job growth slowed a bit in July to 157,000, but that followed two straight months of very strong gains, and the job market is in great shape in the middle of 2018.” He noted the U.S. economy is at full employment, which means anyone needing or wanting a job and having the necessary skills can easily find one. Eric Winograd, a senior vice president and senior economist at AllianceBernstein, said the strength in hiring is bleeding through to wages. “Wages are up 2.7 percent, which leaves them well below the peak of past cycles but well above the trough of this cycle.” This report shows that employers need to hire workers, but are reluctant to boost wages, he commented. The lack of skilled workers will eventually force the salaries to increase. USAFIS can walk you through the steps required for immigration to the U.S. You and your family will have plenty of opportunities for jobs when living in America.