Washington Ranked #1 State in the USA for Business

CNBC recently created its 2017 report on the business competitiveness in the fifty states of America. Immigration service, USAFIS, said that this report is ideal for foreign nations who are considering moving to the United States to find work opportunities.

CNBC’s report is based on ten categories including Overall Score, Infrastructure, Economy, Technology and Innovation, Business Friendliness, Cost of Living, Workforce, Cost of Doing Business, Quality of Life, Education, and Access to Capital.

USAFIS reports that the ten categories can be very helpful to foreign nationals who are thinking about job opportunities in the United States. Here are the results.

Overall Business Competitiveness

Massachusetts ranked #10 for overall business competitiveness with other U.S. states. Tennessee ranked #9, Utah ranked #8, Virginia ranked #7, Colorado ranked #6, North Carolina ranked #5, Texas ranked #4, Minnesota ranked #3, Georgia ranked #2, and Washington ranked #1.

Top Two States for Individual Categories

Here are the top two places in individual categories. Regarding infrastructure, Texas ranked #1 in this category, while Tennessee ranked #2. Georgia ranked #1 for economy and Florida ranked #2. Massachusetts ranked #1 for technology and innovation, and Florida ranked #2.

For business friendliness, New Hampshire ranked #1, and South Dakota ranked #2. In regard to cost of living, Mississippi ranked #1, while Indiana came in #2.

For competition in the workforce, Texas ranked #1, and Virginia ranked #2. For cost of doing business, Mississippi ranked #1 and Indiana ranked #2. Regarding quality of life, Hawaii ranked #1 and Vermont ranked #2. Massachusetts ranked #1 for education, and Minnesota ranked #2.

Finally, when it came to access to capital, California was #1, while New York ranked in the #2 spot. Contact USAFIS today for learning if you are qualified to live and work in the United States.

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