Documents You Will Need for Your Consulate Interview

You will need some important documents when you go to your Consulate interview. These items should be placed into a folder for safekeeping. Documents that are not in English should have a certified English translation and a photocopy. USAFIS: an immigration service to provide assistance to those moving to the United States through the Diversity Visa program.

Documents you need in your folder (if applicable):

  • 2 passport-style photos of each applicant. Photos should be in color and identical.
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Custody Records
  • KCC Interview Notification Letter
  • Passports for all Applicants
  • Proof of Work Experience and/or Education
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Court Prison Records
  • Duplicate of the Original Winner Notification Letter
  • Medical Exam Records (should be signed by a qualified doctor from your country)
  • Military Records
  • Previous Deportation Documents

USAFIS’ experts can answer your questions about the documents you will need at your Consulate visit. If you fail to have your medical exam done before the interview, or if you don’t bring all required documents, your interview will likely be delayed.