Immigrants Benefit U.S. Cities

Immigrants make up 13.5 percent of the population of the United States. This is the highest percentage in over 100 years. The number of immigrants in the U.S. rose to over 13.5 million in 1910, from 2.5 million in 1850.

Cities that received these newcomers are still benefiting economically from it, according to the New York-based Quartz news agency. Those immigrants are very much alike to the immigrants coming to the United States today. Most of them did not speak English, they were escaping politically or economically difficult situations, and they were of different religious backgrounds than most Americans. Though a small amount of them were highly educated, most were unskilled laborers. If you and your family want to pursue the American Dream, as did many of the past immigrants, USAFIS  can assist you.

Ramesh is proud of what she has accomplished, and she shows her gratitude to the United States by having "Made in the USA" stitched onto each garment.Recently welcoming 4,000 immigrants to California, President Donald Trump called them a part of the “American family” and adjured them to aid others like them to integrate into the American culture. Soon after arriving in the United States, immigrants helped to create a more vibrant economy. Even though the world was a different place in the late 19th century, there are similarities to propose that the benefits still hold true today and beyond the 21st century. USAFIS is ready to assist people from around the globe in participating in the Green Card Lottery.