Is it true that people born in certain countries can’t participate in the DV-Lottery?

Yes, it is true that not all countries are eligible for the DV-Lottery, but there is a good reason. The program was started by the United States Congress to intentionally diversify the U.S. population.

The goal was to use a lottery system that would randomly select people from different areas of the world so that it would be fair and allow others to apply for a Diversity Visa to come to the U.S. to live and work. USAFIS has helped thousands of foreign nationals move to the United States.

In order to be accepted into the DV-Lottery, you must be born in an eligible country, submit all required documents and photos, and meet either the work experience or educational requirements. There is a brief registration period during the Fall season of each year, and all documents must be successfully completed and filed during that time.

When there are over 50,000 people from one country who immigrate to the U.S. during a five-year period of time, that country is considered a “high admission country.” That means that people from other countries (lower admission countries) are given priority so they can participate in the DV-Lottery and immigrate to the United States. This is done so that people from all over the world are given equal opportunities to move to America.

When you contact USAFIS, they can let you know if you are likely to be eligible for the DV-Lottery Program. In addition, they can help you prepare your application and photo(s) so that there are no errors. Contact USAFIS today for more information about the DV-Lottery!