USAFIS: Why You Should Join a Library in the U.S.

In the United States, there is a great emphasis on being educated. One example of this is that library cards in the U.S. are free. When you get a library card, you have access to the books within that library, and you have the privilege to check out books and read them at your home, free of charge.

Many immigrants who use the service of USAFIS look forward to getting a library card in the United States as it is a great opportunity to learn more about a variety of subjects.

You can go to libraries free of charge and use their computers for research. Many libraries have classes on English and computer skills.

Getting a library card is easy. You just fill out an application and show proof of your residency and identity. If you are looking for a particular book and can’t find it, it’s likely that you can have the book sent from another library. Contact USAFIS today if you have questions about moving to the U.S. to live, work, and study.

book-1836434_640Most libraries have a limit on the number of items that you can borrow, and it’s important to return all books and other items in good condition by the due date.

You can usually borrow books for a couple of weeks, and if you’re not finished within that time frame, you can take it back to the library and ask for an extension. If the book is not on a waiting list, you can usually keep it a while longer.

If you fail to return items to the library by the due date, or you return the items in damaged condition, you will have to pay a fine. Also, if you lose your library card, be sure to report it immediately, so books won’t be borrowed by someone else with your card.

If you are interested in moving to the United States, contact USAFIS to find out if you are eligible.