USAFIS: Salaries Soar in US Job Seeker’s Market

The U.S. unemployment rate is down to 4.4% as of June 2017, when 222,000 new jobs were added to the economy. That is a sixteen year low for unemployment, and NYC residents are reporting that this the highest demand for workers that they can remember.

Pay has increased, and Americans are enjoying a time of work and productivity. USAFIS, a private immigration firm, provides services for foreign nationals who have a desire to move to the U.S. to start a new life and find new employment opportunities.

Recruiters are especially enjoying this time of new job openings and opportunities for people to be placed in jobs. Chris Nace is a U.S. recruiter in a small firm, and he’s been working there for the past ten years. Until recently, he would have to pound the pavement to find businesses to work with him, but that has changed recently.

Currently, Nace is getting emails on a consistent basis from companies who are looking for employees in the New York City technology niche. The current demand is higher than ever, and businesses are paying $25,000 and up for workers who just graduated. While it’s unusual, Nace is not complaining because business is booming. According to USAFIS, “We can work with you to learn if you are eligible for a U.S. Green Card, and help you with all of the applications and paperwork.”

Recruiters in the U.S. often receive large sums of money for filling high-end positions, and with so many job opportunities, recruiting has become a very profitable industry. Employers need workers so badly that they are ignoring imperfect resumes, offering large sign-on bonuses, and seeking help from professional recruiters.

From software engineering to trucking to construction, employers are looking for solid, experienced workers to fill positions. USAFIS helps foreign nationals from all eligible countries to fill out their applications and get started on the process to find work and a new life in America. Contact them today!