Where to Find Finance Jobs in America

When people think of careers in finance in the United States, the first city they think of is New York. As the home of Wall Street, New York City does have a plethora of jobs available in finance. However, New York is not the only home to an abundance of finance jobs. USAFIS has helped thousands of people from all over the world to find new lives in the United States.

Data from the relocation service CapRelo shows several major metro areas in the U.S. that have plenty of openings in the financial services sector. Thousands of jobs are available for financial professionals in cities that are far from Wall Street. Here is a list of the metro areas with the most finance jobs in America, according to data compiled from available finance jobs on LinkedIn in June 2017.

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Total job openings: 69,959

Total finance job openings: 10,548


Total job openings: 67,613

Total finance job openings: 11,237


Total job openings: 75,587

Total finance job openings: 13,326

Roswell-Sandy Springs-Atlanta

Total job openings: 80,269

Total finance job openings: 13,728

Arlington-Fort Worth-Dallas

Total job openings: 84,964

Total finance job openings: 14,947


Total job openings: 92,334

Total finance job openings: 16,672

Bloomington-St. Paul-Minneapolis

Total job openings: 72,707

Total finance job openings: 9,249


Total job openings: 67,877

Total finance job openings: 8,506

West Palm Beach-Fort Lauderdale-Miami

Total job openings: 45,490

Total finance job openings: 7,946


Total job openings: 52,506

Total finance job openings: 7,031


Total job openings: 53,082

Total finance job openings: 6,733

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