DV-2017 Green Card Winners Were USAFIS Customers from Top 80 Countries

The 2017 Diversity Visa program had a total of 83,910 winners for the Green Card Lottery. Out of 120 countries that were focused on by the USAFIS, clients of USAFIS made up 21% of all winners of the Green Card Lottery from the top 80 countries.

yahooWhen winning USAFIS clients were notified of their selection, most of them decided to stay with USAFIS to finish out their immigration process rather than try to do it alone or find another company to help them.

USAFIS has the professional and personalized support that is needed to complete your immigration process. Contact them today to get started!

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About Usafis

While living in the US seems impossible to many, USAFIS’s goal is to help make your dreams come true by supporting you throughout the Green Card Lottery application process.

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