Popular Green Card Questions

Why does the Green Card Lottery exist?

The U.S government officially gives foreign nationals a chance at legally working and living in the USA. Each year there are 50,000 cards made available through theAmerican Green Card Lottery.

statue-of-liberty-267948_640When can you apply for a Green Card Lottery?

Every year, The U.S government declares the dates in which they let people submit. Usually, it happens at the end of the year, for 30 days; But with USAFIS that won’t be a problem – you can apply whenever you want, and when the time comes we will submit the entry.

How many people get to win?

A computer program randomly selects 100,000 entries from the total number of applications. Once you’ve won, you need fill specific green card applications and go through a security check, a process that can take up to a year. Out of the 100,000 entries, only half will get the Green Card.