The Best Places to Find Tech Jobs in the USA

Per recent data, there are some key locations that can give you more opportunities if you are interested in a high-tech job in America. In fact, there are eight places that have the greatest number of tech job openings.

USAFIS: US Immigration Success Story of Woman from India

USAFIS is an immigration service that many foreign nationals turn to when they want to relocate to the United States to find a new job and start a new life.

India-born, Suuchi Ramesh, moved to the U.S. about ten years ago to work in the technology industry. While living in America, she found it difficult to find professional clothing to fit her small frame. She quickly realized that if she was having trouble, other people probably were as well. It was then that Ramesh decided […]

USAFIS: Many Jobs in the USA Available for Various Education Levels

It’s a great time to get a job in the United States, as unemployment rates are the lowest since May 2007. While those with college degrees can look forward to obtaining U.S. employment, with STEM jobs (science, technology, engineering, and math) especially in high demand, even those without a degree will likely be able to […]

Immigrants Create U.S. Jobs

NYC is a classic example to the rest of the United States

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg explained in a major policy speech in 2011 that the United States government needs to increase immigration to both repair and grow the economy in the United States. Politico quoted Bloomberg as saying, “We will not remain a global superpower if we continue to close our doors to […]

American Immigration Terminology

In order to better understand the US immigration procedure, USAFIS believes it is important to learn more about American immigration terminology. Below, are definitions provided by the experts at the USAFIS Organization for several key terms often used when discussing American immigration through the US Diversity Visa Lottery Program.