Green Card Lottery – What happens after you win?

After you win the Green Card Lottery, it’s time to proceed to the next step, which is the interview with a U.S. consul. This important meeting will be held at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate, and it is one of the most important action steps for gaining entrance into the U.S. Watch the full video:  […]

DV-2019 Green Card Lottery Results Released


The Diversity Visa Program in the United States selects around 100,000 winners from all around the world for the opportunity to receive one of the 50,000 immigrant visas authorized to be issued each year.

Applying For a Student Visa

One must be accepted by a United States college or university that is approved by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) before filing for a student visa.

USAFIS: Disclaimer from USAFIS Regarding This Information

We have provided this information so you can be prepared for your Consular visit as part of the Green Card Lottery process. We know how stressful these types of events can be and we are providing this information so you will know what to expect on the day of your interview. We are not trying […]

Tania Tenova Testimonial USAFIS

USAFIS helps you with application

After six year since Tania applied for the Green Card Lottery she was annonced she won and now she can move to USA and start a new life. “At first I must sat that for me it was a very big surprise that I won the lottery. I was surprised because it’s been more than […]

USAFIS: Abudllah Arazil Testimonial

Abudllah Arazil was announced as one of the happy winners of the Green Card Lottery.  “I would like to take this opportunity for thanking USAFIS team on doing a great job and making professinal customer service.”