Immigrants Create U.S. Jobs

NYC is a classic example to the rest of the United States

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg explained in a major policy speech in 2011 that the United States government needs to increase immigration to both repair and grow the economy in the United States. Politico quoted Bloomberg as saying, “We will not remain a global superpower if we continue to close our doors to […]

About Us: Our Mission; Our Commitment; Our Advantage

The Mission of USAFIS The mission of USAFIS is to provide opportunities to people who come to America through the Green Card Lottery and other options that are available to immigrants to the United States. The organization strives to give people the chance to have a better life for themselves and their families. We know […]

Kousay Alkureishi: “Highly Appreciate USAFIS Services”

One of the winners of the DV-2017 is Kousay Alkureishi – who won after seven years of participation in the program. Now he describes his opinion about the process that made a huge change in his life: “It was a grateful and continuous follow up from USAFIS and their valuable advice leads to understand a […]

USAFIS Is Here to Help You!

USAFIS has been helping people to successfully participate in the American Diversity Visa Lottery Program (DV-Lottery) for over fifteen years.

Zeinab Ahmed Mohammed: “USAFIS Directed Us Perfectly”

Read Zeinab Ahmed Mohammed testimonial about USAFIS: “Me and my husband applied for DV Lottery USAFIS as VIP and we successfully selected. They directed us perfectly details of application and even interview processing by helping in lawyer service with excellent support”.

USAFIS Testimonial of Muzaffer Ister

Muzaffer Ister is a client of USAFIS – read his testimonial: “USAFIS prepared and made ready the related documents for me and for my family, for the US Diversity Program and follow up the process. Thanks to USAFIS”.