USAFIS: Why You Should Avoid Late Credit Card Payments

Credit cards can be great during tough times or when you don’t want to wait on a purchase. To make things even easier, the credit card companies will sometimes offer a lower interest rate to get started. However, if you are late on any of your payments, the interest rate will likely go up substantially and you will be required to pay a late fee of up to approximately $30. Here at USAFIS, we have helped thousands of people move to the United States to live, work, and study.

Did you know that credit card companies can change their interest rates at any time? Fixed rates aren’t used with credit cards, and as you pay on your card, the rate can slowly rise without your knowledge. You can waste a lot of money on just the interest you pay on your credit cards. USAFIS is an immigration service that focuses on facilitating an easy immigration process for our clients.

cash-1638043_640It’s common for people to have more than one credit card, which can be confusing and make it easier to accidentally miss a payment. Also, sometimes, people who are in a financial bind will use one of their credit cards to pay off another one. These transactions eventually will affect your credit score and credit history.

Be sure to only have the minimum number of credit cards so you don’t get into a financial mess. Contact USAFIS today to learn how we can help you obtain your American citizenship!